Buddy - The best dog ever !

My name is Buddy. Well that is what those American soldiers called me. That was my new name when they found me buried under the stone and wooden beams that used to be our barn. They said "hey Buddy, hows it going?". Of course I did not understand them right away - my ears were still ringing from the explosions and I was covered in dust and I had no idea where I was, or who these people were. It took me a while to understand those soldiers from across the big ocean, but I got used to them. They were great - especially Clem - he was the best.

But Oh my, we had such a nice life before all of this happened. My first master was a wonderful man. His name was Pierre Lebrun. He had six children and a wife, mother and father. They really took good care of me - especially the young girl who they called Julliet. Well of course they took good care of me because I was the best dog ever - well that is what they called me - "The Best Dog Ever !"

Then this war came and everything was turned up side down.

I lost my family - all of them in the night of the big bombing that destroyed my little village of L'Émélie, which for those who do not know, is in Normandy, France, which is not too far from the big ocean. We used to go to the seashore on those fine summer days. I would run and run and run in the sand and chase the birds and bury my nose in the seaweed. Those were the best times.

The soldiers who found me took good care of me. They cleaned me up, fed me and I rode in the back of their trucks and jeeps and whatever was rolling..all the way across France, Luxembourg, Belgium and into Germany. We saw a lot. Most people would say we saw too much. Too much war, too many battles, too many people killed. But we also saw some really good things as well, like people helping other people and I helped them as well. They couldn't have done it without me!

The soldiers (HQ Company, 1st Battalion, 134th Regiment, 35th Division, Patton's Third Army) dug him out from the rubble and patched him up. Buddy became their company mascot and rode in the back of the HQ Company’s Radio Communications jeep. They traveled all the way across France, and just up to the border of Germany, then past Luxembourg and finally into Belgium. It was in Belgium, where they fought the Final Battle, that Buddy found his home in Bastogne.

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