The Doc at Nineteen Years

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Michael Linquata represents the Medics who served along side the infantrymen and saved many lives. During the Battle of the Bulge, Michael was taking care of a group of soldiers who were left behind in the woods after a fire fight with the Germans. The injured men could not move and it was getting dark. Michael walked into the German lines to surrender himself to save the twenty wounded men freezing in the snow outside of Bastogne.

Michael grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts. A small fishing village on the Atlantic coast.

Here are two videos of Michael Linquanta's oral history of growing up during the great economic Depression of the 1930's, being drafted into the US Army as a eighteen year old, seeing the destruction of London by the German bombing, going into combat, being taken as a prisoner of War and finally surviving the war as nineteen year old - young man.

I choose this song as its about a young man, searching through the dark, finding himself, trying to carry the weight of the world, but he only has two hands..

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